Thursday, January 10, 2008

2009 Saturn Vue Green Line 2 Mode Hybrid

General Motors has finally officially announced that will unveil Saturn Vue Green Line 2 at the upcoming Detroit auto show.

This will be the first car with front wheel drive, using a second-generation General Motors hybrid system, which had previously worked only on the AWD.

Petrol engine will be General Motors 6 - cylinder 3.6 liters direct injection engine. At the regular Vue models this engine has a capacity of 257 horsepower.

Electricity generated by 55 KVA electric motor built into the transmission system. General Motors said that fuel savings compared with conventional gasoline engines model will be no less than 50%, the maximum load is 3500 pounds, and the 0 to 60 miles per hour (96.5 km / h) time will be for 7.3 seconds.

The second generation hybrid system developed jointly with BMW and Chrysler, the system features regenerative brakes, low speeds and reversing electric motor utilization only.

Improvements in the suspension of the car compensate for additional weight of 86 kg., These improvements include the corrected springs, tougher frame, re-tuned front and rear shock absorbers.

Hybrid exterior design has not changed much. Among notable changes - chrome-plated handles and other details. Tachometer replaced the fuel sensor, which also provides information to the driver as to whether the vehicle is moving using electric or gasoline engines, or both.