Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid Unveiled At G8 Summit

Mazda continues research in the field of fuel cells. Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid is one of the first production cars, capable of traveling on hydrogen or petrol. Moreover - there is also a electric motor.

Mazda - the first car manufacturer in the world, trying to invent a universal engine capable of functioning with fuel cell and the traditional fuel. The research has finally produced results, and new Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid is about to start tests on the streets of Japan. Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid is equipped with the latest rotary-piston hydrogen and electric motor. Later one increases hydrogen engine power by 40% and doubles the range of travel by as much as 200 kilometers. Car will be introduced at the Hokkaido G8 summit. Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid will become part of exhibition on environmental protection issues.

Special button allows driver to choose which fuel the car will use - hydrogen or gasoline, same way the owners of machines equipped with natural gas engines. Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid delivers 150 horsepower. Additionally, reported that a car completely made of environmentally friendly materials.